A new month means a new challenge!  

Novembers challenge is one for the mind and soul. 

For the month of November I want you to take yourself on a date once a week. Set aside some time to do what makes you happy inside. It might be going to a cafe with a book, taking a walk through the park with your dog, going to a museum or art gallery, or lighting a candle and taking a bath. All I ask is that you block off some time for just you. I feel as if we often lose track of time, get caught up doing too many things for other people, and waste hours scrolling through social media when we could have been doing something that truly brings us happiness.


- Plan something that makes you happy inside

- Set aside at least 30 minutes every week for yourself

- Have Fun!

- Record what you do and email it to me at the end of the month

- Every date with yourself enters you into a win a lovely prize

 PS. If you know anyone looking to make a lifestyle change please do me a favor and forward this email to them to let them know about our monthly challenges. Anyone can participate!