A Very Merry and Sweaty December

December Challenge: 31 Days of Sweat!!

The Holidays are coming folks! And now, more than ever, we need to stay on top of our commitments to our health and fitness. With all the cookies and cocktails and holiday parties coming our way, temptation will be around every corner. Let’s not wait till January to resolve to be good to ourselves!

But you know me, I am all about moderation and setting realistic and manageable goals - I’m no holiday Grinch! That’s why this December’s challenge is a physical one - I might not be able to keep you from drinking that glass of egg nog, but I am definitely going to help you sweat it off!

For the month of December I challenge you to 31 Days of Sweat! I want you to sweat every single day this month. Whether it’s 10 burpees to start the day, taking those 10 long flights of stairs to the office, or 3 minutes of jumping jacks during your lunch break, I want to see you sweat! I promise, if you stick to this daily sweat challenge, you can avoid that gross, lethargic, over-stuffed feeling that is all too frequent during the holidays.

And don’t fret - you aren’t alone! I will be posting lots more mini-exercise videos on social media to provide you with lots of motivation and inspiration to get you sweating each and every day.

As always there will be a special gift for the sweatiest participant!

As a great big THANK YOU to all of my AIM Fitness supporters, I am offering you an early Christmas gift! This month, I will be hosting TWO FREE Bootcamps Classes! Register early to ensure your spot and make sure to invite a friend - who doesn’t want the gift of free fitness for the holidays? Save your spot for your free  http://goo.gl/forms/tqOdUSmdCL

I am also excited to announce my latest service. Starting in January, I will be rolling out a monthly workout subscription!! And just for you, my loyal AIM Fitness family members, I wanted to extend a special invitation to pre-register for 2016 and receive an incredible deal on this service. Check out my website or drop me a line to learn more. 

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A special Thank You to Yvette at IHI for her generous donation of a free hour-long massage for the winner of the November Challenge! Thanks Yvette!