To a Fresh Start

Happy New Years!! You should be so proud of the commitment and love that you showed yourself in 2015. I can’t wait to see the incredible results that we will build together in 2016.

I am sure you have heard it all before - January is the time for New Year’s Resolutions and fresh starts. But did you know that just 8% of people stick with their resolutions all year? That’s why my first monthly challenge of 2016 is designed to help you avoid being one of those 92%.

With the holidays behind us, January is a great opportunity to set goals and start making behaviour and lifestyle changes to set ourselves up for success in the year to come. I want to make sure you have the tools, support and mindset you need to see your goals through this year. That is why this January, I am challenging you to Focus on the Results. I know that together, we can make this year your happiest, healthiest and most balance year yet.


I challenge you to set three goals for 2016: One Physical, One Personal and One Emotional Goal.

Try as much as possible to keep them SMART!

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Results-Focused
  • Time-Bound

--> From there, create a short, clear and concise mantra for yourself - a results-driven sentence about each goal.

For example:

  • Physical Goal - I will run my first 10km in May.
  • Personal Goal - I will sign up for and complete that Professional Development course by my birthday.
  • Emotional Goal - I will honour my own boundaries and say No to people more often.

--> Write down these mantras and repeat them to yourself daily.

--> Use sticky notes and keep them some place visible - your computer screen, your front door - I keep mine on my bathroom mirror. 

-->Set reminders on your phone and calendar and repeat these three mantras to yourself outloud every single day in the month of January.

--> Share your techniques weekly with me for how you are holding yourself accountable to this challenge, and be entered to win the January Wellness Prize Pack!

It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the details of a big, important life goals. Running that first 10km can seem daunting. When are you going to find the time to train? How are you going to fit that into your busy schedule? What happens if you can’t make it to the end, is everyone going to make fun of you?? Man these donuts taste great, maybe I will just eat a few of them instead…

It is easy to get overwhelmed in the details when it comes to setting and achieving big goals. We may have the best of intentions on January 1st, but once the hustle and bustle of life starts up we all get tired, distracted and discouraged.

That is why focusing on your end goal in a positive, affirmative and repetitive way will help train your brain to see it not as a challenge to overcome, but as a reality that you are working towards. By framing your goals in “I will” statements rather than “I want”, it is framing your objectives in a way that is not open for discussion - it is just a reality that you will make happen. We are training our minds, as much as our bodies, to see the end goal as something attainable, rather than an uncertainty. And the details? We will work those out together!

Repeat these three sentences to yourself every day. Keep track of the tips and tricks you use to remind yourself - maybe you say them out loud after brushing your teeth every morning or you set an alarm for a mid-day reminder. Each week share with me what technique worked best for you and I will enter your name into a draw to win our first Wellness Prize Pack of 2016! Start working on those mantras and let’s make 2016 your healthiest, happiest and best year yet!

A BIG thank-you to the folks at Lululemon for their very generous donation to the December challenge winner. One lucky lady will have a fresh new workout top to sweat in!


NEW IN 2016

Together, I know we will reach your fitness and wellness goals this year. To help you out along the way, I am excited to be introducing some great new initiatives and programs offerings through AIM Fitness in 2016.


These great monthly workout plans will come straight to your inbox and will help keep your workouts fresh and motivating all year round. Do you know any friends or colleagues who might be interested in fresh and creative monthly workouts? Let them know just how easy it is to start taking control of your fitness.


This past December, I completed my Body Harmonics Mat Pilates course. Pilates is a great workout that focuses on core, balance and flexibility. I am looking forward to integrating some of the fantastic and simple whole body exercises I learned into our workouts together. If you want to learn more about how pilates can help you achieve your fitness goals this year, let me know!  


I have lots of big plans for 2016 - new classes, new challenges and new ways to help you live your happiest and healthiest life! Thank you for the wonderful 2015 - now let’s make 2016 even better!