Top 5 Lessons Learned From My Lifestyle Challenge

About my Lifestyle Challenge

The Aim Fitness Lifestyle Challenge was structured a little differently than your average Fitness Challenge, in that I did not focus my rewards on those who shed the most inches or lost the most pounds. The truth is, that's not what I'm all about - at all. Each and every one of my clients works their butt off for me; having different goals, and different body types. My goal is to help these women live happier and healthier lives, because a life that is driven by the need for everyone to be a size zero is simply not happy, healthy, or realistic.  

This is why I created a point system based on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements. You gained points for meditating, taking a bath, booking a massage or a vacation, going on a date or calling a friend, getting enough sleep, and random acts of kindness. At the end of the month the individual who worked on all elements of themselves, and collected the most points, was awarded the grand prize. I collected prizes from Toronto businesses involved in the healthy and wellness industry and was overwhelmed to put together nearly $1500 worth of incredibly awesome prizes. As I reflect on the month, here are a few things I learned from myself and from you; 


1. Just put it out there and don't be afraid to ask

As I was preparing for my first ever fitness challenge, I knew I would have to step outside of my comfort zone and ask people for support. Though I find it personally quite challenging to ask people for things, I learned that when you get outside of your comfort zone it gets easier and easier, and the worst thing that can happen is they say no. You haven't lost anything and you're able to practice explaining to people what you are all about. You would be surprised at how many people will listen and help. When you want something - Ask!


2. Your most commonly repeated adviCe is the adviCe you should implement into your own life

During the month of March I was constantly reminding my clients to get enough rest, book a massage, go out with friends, meditate, etc. I was tallying everyones points and sending reminder emails of the different weekly challenges. I didn't have a day off until the 28th of March, and that's when I realized that all the advice and reminders telling my clients to take time for themselves, I was not doing it myself. It is said that the three most common pieces of advice that you give are exactly the ones you should be taking yourself. Take some time to think about that - write down your top 3 tips given, and TAKE THEM


3. Who you surround yourself with makes a difference

You are an average of the five people you hang around most, so pick wisely. If you surround yourself with healthy, active, driven, successful people, there is a good chance they will rub off on you. I love how some of my clients work out with their friends, because it's a great way to connect with a friend all the while doing something healthy. I also am so unbelievably proud of my clients for all the random acts of kindness they did during the month. Yes, they received points for it, but I know that wasn't the sole reason they were being kind to others. I surround myself with my clients daily and I couldn't be happier surrounding myself with such wonderful people. 


4. Ask for help, brainstorm, and think together

This is my first time organizing a challenge, asking for donations, figuring out how I would structure it, hosting free workouts for a month, and putting together an awards night. I couldn't have figured it out on my own, so I reached out to friends, clients, family, and essentially anyone who would listen. From this, I was able to gather some awesome ideas. The lesson here is that you don't have all of the answers. I now understand that just listening to someone else's perspective can trigger something in my own mind, and that taking a small bit of someone's idea can lead to something incredible. 


5. Women don't take care of themselves enough

Women do not take care of themselves and/or make enough time for themselves. When I talk to people about spot training; that is isolating one problem area and only performing exercise on that area, they understand that approach is not realistic, safe, or appropriate. The area(s) they feel most self conscious about will change in time when they focus on a variety of elements of fitness, such as cardio, strength training, endurance, etc. 
When I ask my clients what they are doing to live a healthy lifestyle and they reply "working out Amy", I make sure to challenge them to expand on that. Of course I'm grateful but that's one piece of the puzzle, in order to truly live healthy there needs to be a balance of mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness.  If all your doing is working out, you are essentially spot training your life. In order to really live a happy, healthy lifestyle you must work on all elements.