June Challenge

A Month of Giving!

Summer has arrived and I’m feeling some seriously positive vibes! That’s why this month I am challenging you to pay it forward, all month long!

The “best way to attract abundance into your life is to be in a perpetual state of giving and gratitude.”  That is our goal this month - to shift our mindset from being focused on our own self-improvement, to focusing on the well-being of others.

You may be thinking, but Amy, I don’t have the spare cash to be handing it out every day this month! Don’t worry - this month’s giving challenge is about more than just giving money. It’s about giving your time and your support.

This challenge is very simple - for every act of kindness you share with me, you get 1 point (up to a max of 5 a day!). Share those acts on social media with the #GivingChallenge and #AIMFitness and you will get a bonus point.

How to Give this month:

  • Help your co-worker finish off their project
  • Hold the door open for your neighbour
  • Bring in (healthy) muffins for your office
  • Donate the clothes you don’t wear to a shelter
  • Make dinner for a friend
  • Offer good mornings and a wave to each person you pass on your morning run
  • Buy the person behind you a coffee

For every action there is a re-action and when your intentions move in a positive manner and are coming from a genuine and mindful place, I promise, beautiful things will begin to happen.

I encourage you to give a little every day, and avoid saving all those good deeds for a single day. Try your best to embrace this as a new daily habit!