January Challenge

Rethink Your Resolutions 

Happy New Year! After an sometimes indulgent holiday season, the New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your habits and priorities, and set up a new routine.

Which is why this year’s January Challenge is all about Goal Setting! Before setting down a path to a happy and healthy 2017, let’s all make sure we are heading down the RIGHT path.

As you know, goals work best when you keep them SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. This January’s Goal Setting Challenge is going to take us one step further. This year we are going to focus on the END goals, rather than just MEANS goals.  

Means goals – Objective or Societal goal. Like getting good grades, buying a house, getting that raise at work.

End goals – Experiential or Growth goal. Like experiencing love, being happy, finding emotional balance.

The Challenge!

Set a timer for 90 seconds and write whatever comes to mind for each of the three area:


  • If money or time weren’t restriction, what would you want to experience in life? For example:
  • I want to travel to all seven continents
  • I want to feel unconditional love
  • I want to feel healthy and strong
  • I want to have a family


  • How would you grow your mind, body, soul? Maybe ask yourself:
  • What books would you read?
  • What skills would you want to learn?
  • What personal characteristics would you want to strengthen?
  • What are you doing to challenge your health - run a marathon, implement regular gym practice, perfect your downward dog?


  • What various ways do you want to contribute to your friends, family, community, the world? If you had all the time and money in the world:
  • Where could you volunteer?
  • How could you help co-workers?
  • What causes would you financially support?
  • What art or talent would you share with the world?

Now that you have a clear understanding of what motivates you, it is now time to create a plan. Construct a list of 1-3 actionable initiative per area.

PLAN: Review your list and choose one or two initiatives that you can start implementing today. Organize the remaining initiatives into your calendar, making sure you cover all areas throughout 2017. 


  • 1 point/initiative 
  • 10 points for yearly implementation schedule/calendar 
"This exercise will change the way you plan your life and see your goals. It’ll change the way you see your career, mission, and life purpose unfolding - Vishen Lakhiani

Concept Credit: Vishen Lakhiani owner of Mindvalley Academy