February Challenge

Take on one bad habit!

Are you ready? This month we are going to take everything we learned in January about goal setting and apply it to tackling one bad habit. Whether you nailed your New Year’s resolutions or struggled to get through to the end, doesn’t matter - I am sure you learned some important lessons.

So this month we are going to focus in on one thing you want to change. We all have habits that we have been trying to break forever - little or big, they are unconscious practices that we would be better off without.

Maybe for you its:

  • Too many sweets
  • Hectic mornings with no routine
  • Unorganized stack of receipts or mail
  • Late night snacking
  • Biting your nails
  • Going to sleep with your makeup on.

Step One

Take a minute to think about the one habit you are ready to finally be done with. Okay, do you have it? Good. Let’s get started.

Step Two

Take out your agenda or your calendar or whatever keeps you organized and start planning.

Do you want to finally get your morning routine down right? Maybe that means setting aside time in the evenings to make sure:

  • Your outfit is picked out for the next day
  • Coffee maker is pre-set and ready to go
  • You’ve prepped your breakfast and lunch for the next day’
  • Set up your yoga mat and preloaded a 10 minute morning yoga video on YouTube.

You may find it cumbersome at first, but after a few smooth mornings you will notice how easy it can be. 

Successful change is often created when your environment is setup properly.

For example - hectic mornings - set out clothes the night before, per-set coffee maker, and make overnight oats. 

As always a prize/incentive awarded at the end of the month