May Challenge

Act Now! 

Spring is finally here! The snow is gone, the days are longer, and the first buds of green are finally coming to life. With the dark and snowy days behind us, it is the perfect time of year to take control of our lives and focus on living on the life we want - now.

This month’s Act Now Challenge was inspired by Bronnie Ware’s “Regrets of the Dying.” Drawing from her experience working in palliative care, Bronnie identifies the five most common regrets she hears from those who are living their final days. This month, I am challenging you to reflect on these regrets and take concrete steps NOW to help you live a more fulfilling life with fewer regrets.

As always, I will be on hand to help you out - and motivate you with prizes! For every concrete action you take to address one of the five regrets identified by Bronnie, you will earn a point. For every week where you address all five, Bonus Points! Hashtag your progress #AIMtoactnow  and I will throw in an extra point.

Five Opportunities to Live Without Regret

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

Suggested activities: Take an audit of your life decisions, do they emerge from your needs? Are you doing what you are passionate about?

JOURNAL: Take five minutes at the end of every day to write down three things that got you excited during the day. What do they have in common? How can you incorporate more of them into your life?

HOBBIES: What did you LOVE doing as a kid that you miss? Playing on the swings at the playground? Jumping rope with your girlfriends? Colouring? Take this opportunity to do them! Sign up for that painting class, set a playdate to a meet a friend at the park - do what you love.

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.

Suggested activities:

BOUNDARIES: What kind of hours do you work and is it necessary to continue? Are you setting professional boundaries or do you stay yes to everything? Maybe you set aside an hour a day of “you time” for a week. Go for a run and don’t bring your phone, or meet a friend for a coffee and leave your phone at home.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

Suggested activities:

COMMUNICATE: Have you told your loved one(s) what makes you really happy or what is upsetting you? Maybe you call a good friend or family member just to say you love them. If that sounds too intimidating, maybe start with a text or an email. It is always nice to hear someone say I love you.

WRITE A LETTER: Are you holding on to some resentment? Maybe you are still mad at your sister for missing your wedding or are angry with your partner for forgetting your birthday last year. Take the time to write a letter to the person who hurt you - even if you never send it, taking the time to identify and work through those feelings is important.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

Suggested activities:

REFLECT: Take the time to reflect back on some of the people who you may have lost touch with, but who at one point in time meant the world to you. Maybe it’s your college roommate, your old babysitter, or your best friend from elementary school. Look back through old photo albums and make a list of all the wonderful people who have come into your life.

REACH OUT: Maybe it’s a phone call, an email, or just a quick facebook message. It might feel a little weird sending a message to someone you haven’t spoken with in a decade, but take a moment to flip the situation around. How would you feel if you received a quick message from an old friend? I bet you would feel pretty special.

MAKE A DATE: Set a time to meet face-to-face or over Skype with someone special to you. Maybe it’s your best friend who you see every day anyway or an old colleague you haven’t seen in years - now that the snow has melted there is no excuse not to meet for a quick coffee or a walk down by the water.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

Suggested activities:

REFLECT: When was the last time you felt truly happy? Were you out for drinks with your friends, running with your dog, cuddling with your partner on the couch? Deliberately block off time in the coming weeks to do those things.

SCHEDULE HAPPY TIME: If you enjoy painting, sign up for a class. If finding alone time to read in the park makes you happy, get outside this month! Take the time to set a meeting with yourself and honour it. You deserve to be happy and you are in charge of your own happiness. This month, let’s be deliberate about it.

Take a few minutes to read through Bronnie’s article and reflect. Send me a list of how you plan to Act Now and take control of your life. I will be sharing my actions throughout the month on social media and will be there to hold you accountable to your Action Plan for the month. Good luck and remember - you deserve to be happy and you deserve a life without regret. Let’s Act Now to make it happen!


April Challenge

Plan for Success: Meal Prep Edition

April is all about Meal Prep. Working out is one very important part of living well and getting fit, but it is only half the challenge. You can work out all you want, but if you aren’t fueling your body with healthy and nutritious meals in between workouts, you will never see the results you deserve.

So for the month of April, I am challenging you to prepare your meals in advance. Now hear me out - I know this can be tough when you have a busy schedule. But that’s why I am here! I will help inspire and guide you through the meal prepping process!

I know firsthand how easy it is to grab something unhealthy and processed when you are busy and hungry. And this bad cycle perpetuates itself - the worse you eat, the worse you feel, the less likely you are to want to work out or take care of yourself.

Meal Planning is a great way to break that cycle and take control of your busy schedule - and it has lots of other great benefits too! For example, planning your weekly meals:

  • Is easier on your wallet. Planning in advance means less waste and more money saved at the grocery store.
  • Will save you time.  A little bit of time up front means a lot of time saved during the week.
  • Will help you manage portion sizes while ensuring you get are getting a well balanced diet.
  • Can help you avoid mindless munching. By fueling up properly at mealtimes and planning out healthy snacks for the day, you will find your desire to reach for the junk food fade away.
  • Will improve your energy levels and your mood by ensuring that you are getting the fuel you need at the time of day your body wants it.

And like I said - you are not alone! Remember, you can always ask me for hints, tips and tricks throughout the month! I will be sharing some of my favourite pre-planned meals on my social media feed all month so keep an eye out for some tasty inspiration.

How to Collect Points for the Meal Prep Challenge:

  • MAKE A PLAN! Send me your week’s worth of meals on Sunday Night and you will get 10 points. For every photo you tag you on social media of you prepping your delicious, healthy meals with #AprilChallenge or #AIMTOMealPrep you will get an extra point. 

Don’t worry - you don’t have to chop, measure, cook and package all of your meals at once, just write down your plan for the week and share it with me! The more prep you can do in advance though, the easier it will be for you during the week.

  • EAT WELL! I will give you another point for every meal on that list that you actually make and eat during the week.

That’s it - just make a plan and eat well. You will be amazed at how much time you save not trying to decide what to make every night when you get home tired from work. And like always, there will be a great prize for our best meal prepper of the month!

Recommended Reading: Check out this great blog post by Tammy at Organize Yourself Skinny for some great tips for first time meal planning.


The Lifestyle Challenge

Creating Change from the Inside Out

It's that time of year again!! The month of March will be a busy, but exciting month. I am eager to organize another Lifestyle Challenge for you, because each and every one of you deserves to feel good from the inside out. I really would like you to set aside some time for yourself this March and notice what a difference a little self care can do! 

I have outlined a few of the challenges that you will be encouraged to take part in. There will be special incentives for some of the challenges as well as a BIG grand prize! Last year the grand prize was over $1500 of goodies! Ahhhhhh, I'm so excited for all of you!

If you know anyone interested in personal training, this is the month to join! Let them know about all the fun and exciting things going on. A little more competition couldn't hurt! 

I have thought a lot about how I wanted to structure this challenge. Most Fitness Challenges reward those who lose the most weight or inches, but that is not what I am all about. Each and every one of you works your butt off for me, you all have different goals, and you all have different body types. My goal is to help you live happier and healthier lives. A life that is driven by image and the need to be skinny will not make you happy or healthy. That is why I have created a point system based on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements. Here's how it works...

Each challenge is given a certain number of points. By the end of the month the individual who works on all elements of themselves and collects the most points will be awarded the grand prize.

Fitness Challenges:
For the month of March - Run!! - track all your kilometers.

  • Week 1: Sprints - 7mph @ 7 degrees incline - 20s sprint : 10s rest - how many can you complete?
  • Week 2: Tricep yoga plank - from knees - how long can you hold?
  • Week 3: Balance - toe touches -eyes closedhow many can you complete?
  • Week 4: Wall sit - how long can you tolerate the pain?

Self Challenges:

  • March 1-15: Reading - how many pages can you read?
  • March 1-22: No Sugar - how many consecutive days can you go without refined sugar?
  • March 1-29: Self-Love - how many days will you write out 3 things you love about yourself

And here are just a few examples of other ways you can gain points:

  • Prepare a healthy meal
  • Take a bath
  • Random act of kindness
  • Call a friend you've been meaning to
  • Sleep 7+ hours
  • Tackle something you've been procrastinating - clean out your closet...?

Message me for a full list of all the challenges!! 


 Much love,



 I am all about fitness. That is, in essence, what connected us. I am committed to making you stronger. I see potential in you not only physically, but in all elements. I'm here to push you to be the best you!

It’s time to catch some ZzZzZzZz’s

We all know how important sleep is for us - not only for our weight loss goals, but for our overall health and wellbeing. Sleep, like a healthy diet, is fuel for our body - it is what keeps us going physically, mentally and emotionally. And yet, establishing a healthy, regular sleep routine is something that many of us struggle to achieve.

That’s why February’s challenge is all about creating a Healthy Nighttime Ritual. First, we are going to take a look at our Nighttime Rituals to see if we are unintentionally sabotaging our sleep - are you eating late at night? Keeping the TV in your bedroom on all night? Drinking caffeine too late in the day?  Next, we will try to replace some of those bad habits with healthier options.

Remember, I am here to help! All month I will be sharing tips and tricks to easily integrate into your Nighttime Ritual to help promote a healthier and deeper sleep. 2016 is the year that we take control of our sleep and realize how regular sleep can transform our health!

The Challenge - Building a Healthy Nighttime Ritual

There are TWO ways to earn points this month towards our incredible Monthly Prize (check it out below!).

1) NO SCREENS IN BED! I know, this one sounds tricky - I am so guilty of this myself! But the research tells us that it is crucial to stop looking at screens at least 30 minutes before hitting the hay. This gives our brain time to turn off and wind down properly. So as of February 1st, that is your challenge - no phones, no TV, no iPads, no screens at all once you slip under the covers (e-readers like a Kindle or Kobo are okay as they use a special kind of backlighting - the Kindle app on your iPad doesn’t count!)

2) SEVEN HOURS OF SLEEP A NIGHT (minimum!) Now I am not going to track everyone’s FitBit sleep patterns, but seven hours a night means seven hours in bed, lights off, no distractions. So if you have to be up by 6:30am for your morning workout, that means lights off at 1130. It is even more beneficial for you if you are able to make these seven hours the same seven hours every night, but let’s start with small steps!

And that’s it! All you have to do is get into your bed and turn off your screens and I promise you will feel better by the end of the month!

Tips and Tricks for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Make your bedroom a relaxing and calming place by turning it into a sleep retreat with:

Lavender room spray

Blackout blinds

A good mattress and bedding - you spend half your day in it might as well make it comfortable

Consider buying an alarm clock, so you aren’t relying on your phone

Earplugs - especially if you share your bed with a noisy sleeper!

White noise machine or fan to tune out any traffic or outdoor nosie

Good quality eyemask.

Try adding an element of relaxation to your Nighttime Ritual, like:

Calming or bedtime tea (no more than 1 cup - we don’t want too much liquid before bed!)

Take a bath with soothing bath salts and scented candles

Replace that screen with a book!

Try some deep breathing exercises or gentle yoga to focus your breath and start to unwind

Good sleep starts well before we getting under the cover. Try these daytime tricks to set yourself up for success:

Increase your dietary fiber

Limit your sugar and saturated fats intake

Limit caffeine, particularly in the afternoon - caffeine has a halflife of 6 hours, so almost half of that cup of coffee you had a 3:30 is still in your system if you’re heading to bed for 10:00

Avoid strenuous exercise 2-3 hours before bedtime

Avoid healthy carbs and snacking near bedtime.

I love this topic, so I am full of helpful tools and resources to help you out! Check out below for some more tips, some great tea ideas and other useful information to help you get the most out of your Nighttime Ritual.

Good night everyone, and SLEEP WELL!

The ultimate sleep kit!

Great tea Ideas:

Sleep articles:

Bed that tells you how you’re sleeping-

Breathing Technique video-

Sleep pressure point video-

Nightwave sleep assistant- ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B0036FJ7AU&linkCode=as2&tag=lifbydai-20&linkId=BXQUXAARVKWALHZR


To a Fresh Start

Happy New Years!! You should be so proud of the commitment and love that you showed yourself in 2015. I can’t wait to see the incredible results that we will build together in 2016.

I am sure you have heard it all before - January is the time for New Year’s Resolutions and fresh starts. But did you know that just 8% of people stick with their resolutions all year? That’s why my first monthly challenge of 2016 is designed to help you avoid being one of those 92%.

With the holidays behind us, January is a great opportunity to set goals and start making behaviour and lifestyle changes to set ourselves up for success in the year to come. I want to make sure you have the tools, support and mindset you need to see your goals through this year. That is why this January, I am challenging you to Focus on the Results. I know that together, we can make this year your happiest, healthiest and most balance year yet.


I challenge you to set three goals for 2016: One Physical, One Personal and One Emotional Goal.

Try as much as possible to keep them SMART!

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Results-Focused
  • Time-Bound

--> From there, create a short, clear and concise mantra for yourself - a results-driven sentence about each goal.

For example:

  • Physical Goal - I will run my first 10km in May.
  • Personal Goal - I will sign up for and complete that Professional Development course by my birthday.
  • Emotional Goal - I will honour my own boundaries and say No to people more often.

--> Write down these mantras and repeat them to yourself daily.

--> Use sticky notes and keep them some place visible - your computer screen, your front door - I keep mine on my bathroom mirror. 

-->Set reminders on your phone and calendar and repeat these three mantras to yourself outloud every single day in the month of January.

--> Share your techniques weekly with me for how you are holding yourself accountable to this challenge, and be entered to win the January Wellness Prize Pack!

It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the details of a big, important life goals. Running that first 10km can seem daunting. When are you going to find the time to train? How are you going to fit that into your busy schedule? What happens if you can’t make it to the end, is everyone going to make fun of you?? Man these donuts taste great, maybe I will just eat a few of them instead…

It is easy to get overwhelmed in the details when it comes to setting and achieving big goals. We may have the best of intentions on January 1st, but once the hustle and bustle of life starts up we all get tired, distracted and discouraged.

That is why focusing on your end goal in a positive, affirmative and repetitive way will help train your brain to see it not as a challenge to overcome, but as a reality that you are working towards. By framing your goals in “I will” statements rather than “I want”, it is framing your objectives in a way that is not open for discussion - it is just a reality that you will make happen. We are training our minds, as much as our bodies, to see the end goal as something attainable, rather than an uncertainty. And the details? We will work those out together!

Repeat these three sentences to yourself every day. Keep track of the tips and tricks you use to remind yourself - maybe you say them out loud after brushing your teeth every morning or you set an alarm for a mid-day reminder. Each week share with me what technique worked best for you and I will enter your name into a draw to win our first Wellness Prize Pack of 2016! Start working on those mantras and let’s make 2016 your healthiest, happiest and best year yet!

A BIG thank-you to the folks at Lululemon for their very generous donation to the December challenge winner. One lucky lady will have a fresh new workout top to sweat in!


NEW IN 2016

Together, I know we will reach your fitness and wellness goals this year. To help you out along the way, I am excited to be introducing some great new initiatives and programs offerings through AIM Fitness in 2016.


These great monthly workout plans will come straight to your inbox and will help keep your workouts fresh and motivating all year round. Do you know any friends or colleagues who might be interested in fresh and creative monthly workouts? Let them know just how easy it is to start taking control of your fitness.


This past December, I completed my Body Harmonics Mat Pilates course. Pilates is a great workout that focuses on core, balance and flexibility. I am looking forward to integrating some of the fantastic and simple whole body exercises I learned into our workouts together. If you want to learn more about how pilates can help you achieve your fitness goals this year, let me know!  


I have lots of big plans for 2016 - new classes, new challenges and new ways to help you live your happiest and healthiest life! Thank you for the wonderful 2015 - now let’s make 2016 even better!


A Very Merry and Sweaty December

December Challenge: 31 Days of Sweat!!

The Holidays are coming folks! And now, more than ever, we need to stay on top of our commitments to our health and fitness. With all the cookies and cocktails and holiday parties coming our way, temptation will be around every corner. Let’s not wait till January to resolve to be good to ourselves!

But you know me, I am all about moderation and setting realistic and manageable goals - I’m no holiday Grinch! That’s why this December’s challenge is a physical one - I might not be able to keep you from drinking that glass of egg nog, but I am definitely going to help you sweat it off!

For the month of December I challenge you to 31 Days of Sweat! I want you to sweat every single day this month. Whether it’s 10 burpees to start the day, taking those 10 long flights of stairs to the office, or 3 minutes of jumping jacks during your lunch break, I want to see you sweat! I promise, if you stick to this daily sweat challenge, you can avoid that gross, lethargic, over-stuffed feeling that is all too frequent during the holidays.

And don’t fret - you aren’t alone! I will be posting lots more mini-exercise videos on social media to provide you with lots of motivation and inspiration to get you sweating each and every day.

As always there will be a special gift for the sweatiest participant!

As a great big THANK YOU to all of my AIM Fitness supporters, I am offering you an early Christmas gift! This month, I will be hosting TWO FREE Bootcamps Classes! Register early to ensure your spot and make sure to invite a friend - who doesn’t want the gift of free fitness for the holidays? Save your spot for your free

I am also excited to announce my latest service. Starting in January, I will be rolling out a monthly workout subscription!! And just for you, my loyal AIM Fitness family members, I wanted to extend a special invitation to pre-register for 2016 and receive an incredible deal on this service. Check out my website or drop me a line to learn more. 

PROMO CODE: letssweat

30% OFF your monthly subscription until the end of November 

A special Thank You to Yvette at IHI for her generous donation of a free hour-long massage for the winner of the November Challenge! Thanks Yvette!

A new month means a new challenge!  

Novembers challenge is one for the mind and soul. 

For the month of November I want you to take yourself on a date once a week. Set aside some time to do what makes you happy inside. It might be going to a cafe with a book, taking a walk through the park with your dog, going to a museum or art gallery, or lighting a candle and taking a bath. All I ask is that you block off some time for just you. I feel as if we often lose track of time, get caught up doing too many things for other people, and waste hours scrolling through social media when we could have been doing something that truly brings us happiness.


- Plan something that makes you happy inside

- Set aside at least 30 minutes every week for yourself

- Have Fun!

- Record what you do and email it to me at the end of the month

- Every date with yourself enters you into a win a lovely prize

 PS. If you know anyone looking to make a lifestyle change please do me a favor and forward this email to them to let them know about our monthly challenges. Anyone can participate!


Top 5 Lessons Learned From My Lifestyle Challenge

About my Lifestyle Challenge

The Aim Fitness Lifestyle Challenge was structured a little differently than your average Fitness Challenge, in that I did not focus my rewards on those who shed the most inches or lost the most pounds. The truth is, that's not what I'm all about - at all. Each and every one of my clients works their butt off for me; having different goals, and different body types. My goal is to help these women live happier and healthier lives, because a life that is driven by the need for everyone to be a size zero is simply not happy, healthy, or realistic.  

This is why I created a point system based on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements. You gained points for meditating, taking a bath, booking a massage or a vacation, going on a date or calling a friend, getting enough sleep, and random acts of kindness. At the end of the month the individual who worked on all elements of themselves, and collected the most points, was awarded the grand prize. I collected prizes from Toronto businesses involved in the healthy and wellness industry and was overwhelmed to put together nearly $1500 worth of incredibly awesome prizes. As I reflect on the month, here are a few things I learned from myself and from you; 


1. Just put it out there and don't be afraid to ask

As I was preparing for my first ever fitness challenge, I knew I would have to step outside of my comfort zone and ask people for support. Though I find it personally quite challenging to ask people for things, I learned that when you get outside of your comfort zone it gets easier and easier, and the worst thing that can happen is they say no. You haven't lost anything and you're able to practice explaining to people what you are all about. You would be surprised at how many people will listen and help. When you want something - Ask!


2. Your most commonly repeated adviCe is the adviCe you should implement into your own life

During the month of March I was constantly reminding my clients to get enough rest, book a massage, go out with friends, meditate, etc. I was tallying everyones points and sending reminder emails of the different weekly challenges. I didn't have a day off until the 28th of March, and that's when I realized that all the advice and reminders telling my clients to take time for themselves, I was not doing it myself. It is said that the three most common pieces of advice that you give are exactly the ones you should be taking yourself. Take some time to think about that - write down your top 3 tips given, and TAKE THEM


3. Who you surround yourself with makes a difference

You are an average of the five people you hang around most, so pick wisely. If you surround yourself with healthy, active, driven, successful people, there is a good chance they will rub off on you. I love how some of my clients work out with their friends, because it's a great way to connect with a friend all the while doing something healthy. I also am so unbelievably proud of my clients for all the random acts of kindness they did during the month. Yes, they received points for it, but I know that wasn't the sole reason they were being kind to others. I surround myself with my clients daily and I couldn't be happier surrounding myself with such wonderful people. 


4. Ask for help, brainstorm, and think together

This is my first time organizing a challenge, asking for donations, figuring out how I would structure it, hosting free workouts for a month, and putting together an awards night. I couldn't have figured it out on my own, so I reached out to friends, clients, family, and essentially anyone who would listen. From this, I was able to gather some awesome ideas. The lesson here is that you don't have all of the answers. I now understand that just listening to someone else's perspective can trigger something in my own mind, and that taking a small bit of someone's idea can lead to something incredible. 


5. Women don't take care of themselves enough

Women do not take care of themselves and/or make enough time for themselves. When I talk to people about spot training; that is isolating one problem area and only performing exercise on that area, they understand that approach is not realistic, safe, or appropriate. The area(s) they feel most self conscious about will change in time when they focus on a variety of elements of fitness, such as cardio, strength training, endurance, etc. 
When I ask my clients what they are doing to live a healthy lifestyle and they reply "working out Amy", I make sure to challenge them to expand on that. Of course I'm grateful but that's one piece of the puzzle, in order to truly live healthy there needs to be a balance of mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness.  If all your doing is working out, you are essentially spot training your life. In order to really live a happy, healthy lifestyle you must work on all elements.


Need some inspiration to help you wake up in the morning

Be Happier, Healthier, and more Productive 

Ok, seasonal depression can be setting in right about now, the days are short, the weather can be miserable. An fyi- women are 8 times more likely to be affected with seasonal depression, so we have to stay strong! We are also probably trying to pay holiday bills, our new years resolution is more challenging than expected, and we feel like we are always on the verge of a cold.... ok, ok, ok I get it. Its time to re-charge and shake these winter blues. 

I listened to this podcast a little while ago and found it very helpful, inspiring, and informative. Set aside some time to listen to this. Improve your life and outlook! I don't expect you to completely re-structure your whole morning and implement everything but take one or two of your favourite points and make a change in your life. You deserve to live a happier, healthier, more productive life.